In Honor of the Men
of the 11th Indiana

This page is dedicated to the men of the 11th Indiana.
With Honor and Pride they served their country,
with Honor and Pride, let us remember them!

Lew Wallace, Colonel, 11th Indiana
Promoted to Brig. General



Robert Foster, Captain, 11th Indiana

Robert Sanford Foster, Captain, 11th Indiana
Promoted to Breveted Major General

Source: Painting by Alexander Lawrie, Indiana Veterans' Home


Col. Dan Macauley

Dan Macauley, Colonel, 11th Indiana
Promoted from Adjutant to Major, then Lt. Colonel, then
Colonel of the 11th Indiana.
Promoted to Brig. General.

Courtesy:  Carlisle Barracks



Col. Dan Macauley

Dan Macauley, Colonel, 11th Indiana
Pictured in his G.A.R. Uniform

Courtesy:  Carlisle Barracks



George F. McGinnis, Colonel, 11th Indiana

Source: Indiana at Shiloh - Report of the Commission.  Compiled by John W. Coons and issued
by the Indiana Shiloh National Park Commission.  Wm Buford Press, Indianapolis. 1904. p 26.



William H Brown

William H. Brown, Corporal, Co. A
Mortally wounded at the Battle of Shiloh

Courtesy:  David K. Brown



John P McGrew

John P. McGrew, Adjutant, 11th Indiana
Promoted to Captain, Company D

Courtesy:  Carlisle Barracks



Edmund Thayer, Captain, Company B

Edmund P. Thayer, Captain, Company B

Source:  Indiana State Library



Charlie N. Sturdevant, Corporal, Company A

Courtesy:  Keith Alderson



John L. Furnish, Co. E

John L. Furnish, Company E

Courtesy:  Jeff Standifer



Samuel Beeman, Company E

Samuel Beeman, Company E

Courtesy:  Carlisle Barracks



Andy Goldsborough, Company G

Andy Goldsborough, Company G.

Courtesy:  Vivian Doolen, Decatur, Illinois and Pat Goldsborough Napier



John L Cook, Company G

John L. Cook, Company G.

Courtesy:  Shaun Grenan



Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier, 11th Indiana
Listed as E.M.

Courtesy:  Carlisle Barracks



Davis Torrence, Company B.

Courtesy:  Melinda Torrence


Felix Gartin, Company F.

Courtesy:  Robert Scott Gartin


James W. Perry, Company K.

Courtesy: The Perry Family


Charles N. Lee, 1st Lieutenant

Courtesy: George Oldenbourg


Andrew J. Lynch, Company K.


Elias Whaley, Company K.

Courtesy:  Shawn Price  


Levi W. Ray, Company E.

Courtesy: Ty Starkey


James Samuel Fogle, Company F.

Courtesy: Kellie Clement


Lt. Milton Clark, Company G

Courtesy: Rachel Clark Brown


Sergeant Henry Clay Ballard, Company G


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