How to Become a Member of the 11th Indiana

To become a member of the 11th Indiana, please contact Captain Mike Beck at (  At this time there are no dues. A monthly newsletter is sent out electronically.  A newsletter can be sent by U.S. mail if you do not have email or Internet access.

We do not expect new members to buy all the necessary equipment at once. We normally give our new members the first season to get their basic equipment together. We do not allow new members to participate in any events with us until they have acquired a basic uniform and the minimum equipment necessary to present a good impression.

Equipment Needed to Participate with the 11th Indiana

Purchasing your equipment and clothing is the most important step you will take as a member.  Never act on impulse. Before you buy it's best to consult with a member on what to buy.

The following items are listed in recommended order of purchase.

Remember, these items are optional. You can still participate with the 11th even if you do not have these items.


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